Petition to Remove Amber Heard From Aquaman 2 Gets 1.8 Million Signatures

Amber Heard will not have it easy to play her Aquaman character, Mera again. She is said to be playing her role for the upcoming DC sequel but people won’t let it happen. As the case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to get fired up, most are siding with Johnny.

Amber has apparently lied about all her claims against the actor on abuse and violence. Now that Johnny has exposed her, a petition to kick Amber out of Aquaman is gaining attention.

The petition that wants Amber out of Aquaman, has over 1.8 million signatures to date! Fans clearly show how much the news has affected them and are protesting to Amber’s atrocities. Evidently, the reactions from social media are enormous. In fact, fans are so raged with her actions that they want WB to fire her completely.

Why is the actress not out yet?

Ever since the situation got bad between Amber and Johnny, Amber has received the backlash. According to all the evidence and sources, they highly suggest that Amber was the abusive one in the relationship. Johnny remains innocent in this case throughout but the court functions in different ways. It has always been a fact that the court favours women over anything. Even despite the truth that Johnny clearly revealed about Amber, he is still marked as the “attention-seeking” one.

The whole case has given a bad reputation to both Johnny and Amber. But fans want Johnny to get his justice! Because of how bad things have gotten, Fantastic beasts have put him out. Fans are protesting against this ludicrousy and want Amber out instead. It is relieving to see how large groups of 1.8 million are willing to stand up for Johnny. Other online campaigns as well are gaining big responses.

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Ultimately, it is up to the show makers to take action for fans. It is a noted fact that if Amber is not removed, the upcoming DC film may not run at all. So many people are clearly protesting against unfairness and injustice. It only makes sense to replace Amber with another worthy actress. If Johnny was out of his project, why should Amber stay? We hope that WB will make their decision quickly and respond to petitions!

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