Check Out Tilda Swinton As Female Pennywise In Fan Art!

Tilda Swinton, the Oscar award-winning actress who gained a huge fan base for one of her most famous movies – Doctor Strange. We all remember the role of her as ‘The Ancient One’.

She gave a remarkable performance as the one who guided Doctor Strange to his path on spirituality and sorcery. But more than that, the way her calm composure made her character even enhanced.

But apparently, that’s not the only role she was considered for, and no we’re not talking about her outstanding performance from Alice in Wonderland.

Check Out Tilda Swinton As Female Pennywise In Fan Art!

Tilda Swinton considered for a role in IT.

Andres Muschietti, the director of IT apparently considered Swinton for the role of Pennywise the dancing Clown. We all know how iconic the role of Pennywise was in the movies. In fact, it seems that the movie changed the view of clowns and fears of clowns in totality.

Check Out Tilda Swinton As Female Pennywise In Fan Art!

While we don’t deny that Bill Skarsgard did a splendid job for the role of Pennywise, we cannot also ignore the fact that Tilda Swinton would have done an amazing job as well.

In fact, her calm and collected composure which enhanced her character in Doctor Strange may have actually given the character of Pennywise the kind of eerie vibe that it would have required.

How Bill blew their minds for the role of Pennywise!

Swinton would’ve definitely made a good character for the role of Pennywise. In fact, the casting directors considered her pretty strongly. According to producer Barbara Muschietti, they went through a lot of auditions before they came across Bill.

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They went through all types of people. From different ages to different physical features, genders, demographics, ethnicities, people with different accents, and what not. However, when it came to Bill, he absolutely blew their minds right out of there.

Check Out Tilda Swinton As Female Pennywise In Fan Art!

He did such an amazing performance for the role of Pennywise that there was no second doubt about whether or not to take him. However, coming back to Swinton, her fans do seem excited about the thought of seeing her in the role of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

In fact, to prove a point, they also went ahead and made fan arts about it! Maybe not anytime soon, but we do hope that Swinton does get to play that role may be in the coming series since the plot of IT does have scope for a whole new storyline after the end of part 2.

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