Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 6: Eren Armored Titan Versus The War Hammer Titan, Will He Obtain it? Release Date and Spoilers

The fifth episode of the final season of Attack on Titan has aired after a one-week break. Reiner reunited with Eren in the basement and engaged in the conversation while Falco was present by their side. Eren as Mr Kruger shared the truth about his past with Braun and Falco and how he injured his right leg. Kruger tells Falco that he and Reiner are friends and Falco realises who Kruger actually is.

In the previous episode, titled Declaration of War, Willy Tybur declares war on the Paradis island and seemingly shocks the audience at the festival. Before Tybur declares the war, he shares the story of Marley’s hero, Helos. He revealed the Eldians possessed the power of Titans and used to wipe out humanity. After, destroying all of humanity, the family possessing Titans began to fight and started the Great Titan War.

Later, King Fritz wanted peace, so he escaped to Paradis Island along with some remaining Eldians. During the Great Titan War, one Marleyan achieved a victory, which was Helos and he was their hero. Willy Tybur also mentioned that Eren Yeager stole the Founding Titan and claimed that he is a threat to the world. After revealing all the details, Willy declares war on Paradis Island.

The War Hammer Titan

The upcoming episode is titled The War Hammer Titan, which will air next week. Attack on Titan fourth season’s new episode arrives every Monday. The next episode will air in Japan on 18 January 2021, at 12.10 am local time. Crunchyroll, Netflix Japan and Netflix Philippines also stream the new episodes shortly after official airing in Japan. Crunchyroll Premium users can watch same day while free users have to wait a week.

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The next episode is certainly getting eventful as we will see Eren as a Titan fight against War Hammer Titan. In the previous episode, we saw Eren (as Kruger) transforming into Titan towards the end and blasting through the stage where Tybur was addressing audiences. Eren’s allies will also come to aid him, after all, he has been mailing letters to them through Falco.

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