Monsters Inc 3: Release Date, Story and Everything You Need Know

Monster Inc., as well as its prequel, Monster University has been a major success to Pixar Animation Studios and Disney. The first movie in the Monster franchise was released back in 2001, whereas the prequel was released in 2013. Fans believe that Monster Inc. deserves Monsters Inc 3 to explore the new storyline of Mike and Sully. The recent reports claim that a new Monster film is in the works.

Pete Docter, the director of Monster Inc. and Monster University previously revealed that they had plans for the third film. During an interview with EW, back in 2016, he mentioned that the third Monster film is not in production, but it’s not that the third movie is canceled.

He hinted that we may see Monsters Inc 3 at any point in the future. Pixar has to make a sequel because there are lots of unanswered questions in the first film.

Monsters Inc 3 Release Date, Story and Everything You Need Know

The director, however, revealed that the sequel will move forward in time if it happens. Monster Inc. 3 will feature an adult Boo, which will reveal what happened to her after the first film.

Boo, who isn’t scared of monsters (except Randall), may have a place at Monster Inc since the door has been rebuilt. Also, the director mentioned that the sequel may follow the footsteps of films like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

Monsters Inc. 3 is in Production at Disney Plus

Meanwhile, Monsters Inc 3 is already at work, which is set after six months from the event. However, this sequel isn’t a feature film but a streaming television series that will premiere in Disney Plus.

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Monsters Inc 3 Release Date, Story and Everything You Need Know

The series, titled Monsters at Work re-introduces us to the world of Mike and Sully. But, the series is more like a spin-off that will tell the story of Scare Major graduate, Tylor Tuskmon.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal will reprise their roles from the original Monsters film. Pete Docter will serve as the showrunner and executive producer of the direct-sequel series. The animated series will most potentially debut on the streaming service in early 2021.

In the series, Tyler dreams of working alongside his idols Sully and Mike, who changed the way of working in Monsters Inc.

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