The Uncanny Counter Episode 11 Release Date & Where to Watch Online

The year 2020 had been great for K-drama enthusiasts, starting from Crash Landing on You to Itaewon Class, the streamer is giving out exceptional content after exceptional content. But, Netflix did not stop with the year coming to an end.

Korean dramas are known for being artistic, wild, and remarkably funny. And considering the weird and funny abstract of The Uncanny Counter, the fans were greatly enthusiastic. The Uncanny Counter episode 11 will air on Netflix.

The Uncanny Counter Episode 11 Release Date

The Uncanny Counter revolves around a squad of demon hunters called ‘Counters’ who visit the Earth further cover themselves as a group of workers at a noodle eatery to seize the evil spirits around them.

The South Korean drama gives a thrilling, yet, subtle plot moreover, The Uncanny Counter TV show has uncovered 10 episodes till date and The Uncanny Counter Episode 11 Release Date is quite immediate. The Uncanny Counter Episode 11 Release Date is 9th January 2021.

The Uncanny Counter: Cast

A good show can be negated by untrained actors. However, The Uncanny Counter doesn’t hold that concern with the main cast being competent and talented. Yu Jun-sang and Yeom Hye-ran are experienced actors who have been in many successful works furthermore won many awards throughout their careers.

Younger actors Cho Byeong-kyu and Kim Se-jeong particularly stand out and endure their own while acting beside their senior actors. Other actors playing the villains and demons are also quite remarkable. The solid acting magnifies the show and charms effectively.

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The Uncanny Counter: Plot

Based on a famous webtoon, the unusual story is captivating viewers. Most demon hunters are shown as priests or nuns, but here they are, ordinary humans, who serve at a noodle restaurant. Ga Mo-tak, Do Ha-na, and Chu Mae-ok used to be in a torpid state before converting to demon-hunting Counters.

So, Mun was not in catalepsy when he was chosen, but his weakness recovered after becoming one. Each of the Counters has a partnering quality which gives them supernatural powers. The intense backstory regarding the mystical universe, The Uncanny Counter adds to the perfect sum of fantasy, action, mystery, moreover drama.


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