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GTA 6 Vice City Teased by Rockstar Insider Sources

If you are a gamer or called himself a true gamer then, you must familiar with Rockstar games and GTA series. There is no hesitation to say, the legendary GTA series makes our childhood special. From GTA vice city to sanandreas this legendary lineup is  emotion of every gamer. After that, in 2013, Rockstar games coming up with another legendary gam called GTA 5. This 8 year old game is still trending and one of the most streaming game in YouTube.

GTA 6 Vice City Teased by Rockstar Insider Sources

After selling 110 million of GTA 5 copy, now Rockstar games going to release their next game, the most awaited GTA 6. Let’s quickly check the facts about GTA 6 which we may see in future.

What may in GTA 6?

The first question arrive that, the game would release in which platform? In previous all rockstar games like GTA vice city, sanandreas, 5 etc all have come for pc platform. So, it’s obvious that, GTA 6 also may come for pc platform. But some sources say, it may also come play station 5 and X box x series.

GTA 6 Vice City Teased by Rockstar Insider Sources

There are also some rumors which pointed that, vice city may return in this series. If this really happened then this will a great acceptance for gamers. We can live our old memory of vice city in a new way. But, the news are all either estimated or rumor. There are no official announcement at all regarding this.

When the game may launch?

As we say earlier, there are no official statement but the media and fans are trying to guess the approximate time.  The game is just in devoloping process now, but it’s quiet sure that it may come in late 2022. Everyone guess that, it may release in late 2022 or in the first quarter of 2023. So, let’s wait and watch what news are coming from the Rockstar games regarding this.

Is it make impact in gaming industry?

There will be no doubt that when it release it makes a great impact on the gaming industry. Every time when Rockstar franchise coming up with a new game, every time it’s earn more than our expectations. That is why this is one of the top most franchise in gaming industry.

In previous, every time we see GTA is coming with a roleplay game. But it’s quiet noticeable that, is there any competitive scenario in GTA 6. If yes, then it’s sure that, it’s going very hard for other games to compete GTA 6 Vice city.

So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned for more such articles.

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