Eleanor Calder is Pregnant and Louis Tomlinson is Hiding this From Fans


Rumour has it that Eleanor Calder is pregnant amidst recent pregnancy news on Emma Stone!

The only difference with this is, the celebrity herself did not make these claims. Quite often, gossips on celebrities shower the internet with its presence. Once the name hangs around, everyone starts making assumptions which we will soon debunk. This time, Eleanor fell into this trap with the latest pregnancy rumours.

Eleanor Calder is Pregnant and Louis Tomlinson is Hiding this From Fans

So is Eleanor and her long term boyfriend, Louis really hiding the news from us? Read more and you’ll soon find out!

The truth about the “pregnancy”

Let’s first have an answer for this simple question, is Eleanor Calder pregnant? No, she is currently not pregnant. Also, as with most celebrities, if they don’t come out with the claims themselves, it’s mostly never true.

It is quite upsetting knowing how easily we fall into this chain of spreading sensitive news. It not only disrupts the privacy of the names involved but also sensationalizes them for the wrong reasons.

Eleanor Calder is Pregnant and Louis Tomlinson is Hiding this From Fans

Seemingly, the rumours began as Emma Stone confirmed to introducing her new baby soon. Fans on social media started spreading around the letter “E” which stands for Emma. People misunderstood this message and associated that with Eleanor instead. This is at least how the rumours came to live in the first place.

Fans’ reactions

The reactions we saw from this small misunderstanding was enormous. Some fans really went ballistic with the update and immediately took to Twitter to continue the chain.

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Others supported Eleanor instead and addressed the misunderstanding. A Twitter account @Nita49455029 says, “Emma Stone is pregnant, someone misread it as Eleanor and started this rumour. We’re clowning again.” 

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