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A Quiet Place Spin-Off Confirmed & in Production by John Krasinski


A quiet place was one of the best Horror/thrillers that came out in Hollywood. the plot is set in a dystopian future where some aliens have attacked the planet that can’t see but can hear. And they can even hear even the footsteps of raccoons from a far distance.

The story revolves around a family who suffered from a tragedy that was shown at the starting of the movie. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, who are real-life couples too played the main couples of the family.

one of their daughters is deaf, I think It was done to create a conflict in the movie which is internal. and It was amazing. After the tragedy, we jump quite years ahead in the timeline and Evelyn Abbott who was played by Emily is pregnant and then the whole story moves forward with that plot as its center.  And in the end, the movie had a setup for the sequel.


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The sequel is not out yet. But from the trailers, we can guess the family is alive and on the run to get away from the monster. A new character will be introduced that will be played by Cillian Murphy and it’s shown he is going to help the family.

We will be introduced to some new human conflict and danger other than the blind monster. It’s also going to be co-written and directed by John Krasinski. And will be released in March because of the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown.


Paramount studios announced the Spin-off of this Movie. which will be created by Jeff Nichols ( also the creator of Midnight Special and Mud).

The plot is still in works with John Krasinski on the board of writers. It’s rumored to be released in 2022. John Krasinski told the media about how he just wanted the first part but because he was so curious to know about his won script he started working on the next and now the sequel.

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