Samsung’s new Neo QLED TVs Promise Better Picture, Gaming Extras in 2021

This South Korean multinational conglomerate company is famous for its high tech mobile phones and Televisions.

Samsung is the biggest company in the world that produce great and high tech television. New televisions by Samsung will make you sit for long hours as the new models of TV by the South Korean company is giving many benefits which we will be discovered soon.

Samsung’s new QLED Televisions

Samsung QLED models are called ‘Neo QLED’. Samsung QLED models include televisions with both 4K and 8K resolution.

Samsung’s 2021 8K QLED models include three series which are QN800A, QN850A and QN900A and Samsung’s 2021 4K QLED models includes two series which are QN85A and QN90A.

Neo QLED technology will appear in three series of 8K QLED models and also in two series of 4K QLED models. For now, pricing isn’t disclosed by Samsung. These Neo QLED TVs include a Mini-LED. This will increase the brightness.

Features of Samsung’s new QLED Televisions

There are a lot of features in Samsung’s new QLED Televisions. These features are:

– Samsung is focusing a lot on sustainability and with a focus of doing something good for the environment, Samsung’s new QLED TVs are coming with remotes that use rechargeable batteries instead of use and throw ones.

– You can recharge the batteries of your TV’s remote using a solar cell and according to Samsung, this will save 20 Million AAA batteries each year. Well, this is a good step towards the environment.

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– Samsung’s new QLED TVs will be a treat for gamers as it is obvious that picture quality will be awesome and also it will support the Video Games like Sony Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X and not only this but it will also include 4K/ 120 fps input and VRR.

– The new Samsung TVs will allow you to experience and play the game in 21:9 ratios. Samsung’s new TVs are coming up with an enhancement in Samsung’s health app which was introduced last year in Samsung TVs.

– With the help of this improvement, you will stay fit and healthy as the app will keep a track of your all exercises and a celebrity trainer will give you personal training. Plug in a webcam to your Samsung Television and it will allow you to video chat with 12 other people and with such a big screen you will enjoy the video chat.

– You can even use that for your office conference or family meetings. Samsung’s new QLED TV remotes are coming up with push-to-talk and far-field hands-free mics.

– Not only this but you can also work on Microsoft 365 documents as you can do both either create it or edit it whatever you like and a  big screen that Samsung is providing will make it more fun to do your work.

At the current time, the exact details aren’t announced by Samsung and also there is no clue what the pricing of these high-tech televisions are going to be. All we know is Samsung will start shipping these magnificent televisions later this year.

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