My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Release Date, Heroes Mourn Midnight’s death

As the manga series My Hero Academia takes a one-week hiatus, fans will have to wait for what happens next. The latest chapter 297 would have shed more light on what happened to the Pro Heroes and the League of Villains after the fray. Until it is officially out, fans are speculating about the upcoming events.

What Happened in Chapter 296?

In the last chapter, we see the heroes, villains, and the civilians of the city deal with what is left after the battle. Whoever survived on the battlefront, teamed up to stop Shigaraki from getting away. The Near High-Ends are commanded to distract the heroes, with three of them being defeated.

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Release Date, Heros Mourn Midnight's Death

Shigaraki however, escaped along with a few civilians. On the other hand, the heroes apprehend Gigantomachia and Mr. Compress. At the Gunga Mountain Villa, Trumpet, Reten, and other Paranormal Liberation Front members are arrested. The heroes managed to capture 16,929 individuals, out of which 132 fled after Gigantomachia’s attack. The PLF supporters were also under custody for questioning.

The chapter later highlights the current state of mind of the civilians as well as the heroes in the midst of the destruction. As they are absorbing the situation, some heroes are finding it too much to bear, making them think of leaving. Kirishima, Yaomomo, and Mina mourn the death of their comrade Midnight. The chapter also explains how Shigaraki revived.

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 Release Date, Heros Mourn Midnight's Death

Chapter 297 Release Date and Predictions

While Chapter 296 focused on the destruction and deaths of Midnight and other heroes, Chapter 297 could focus on the heroes who got wounded but still made out alive. It could also explain Gran Torino’s death. We could also see some heroes leaving which includes Ochako Uraraka. It could also answer the rumors if she is actually Himiko Toga.

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A Twitter user Atsushi posted a preview for the new chapter along with a tweet “The worst is not over yet!” What could be worse? Is All For One making a comeback?

Chapter 297 will be available on VIZ media and MangaPlus on January 17.

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