Who is Simon Konecki? Feud with ex-wife Adele & $150m Divorce

Simon Konecki is Adele’s ex-husband. Simon Christopher konecki and Adele has a son together. He is the CEO of drop 4 drop which is a charity which provides clean drinking water to many developing countries.

Relationship of Simon and Adele

In January 2012 both adult and Kornacki started dating each other. They started having tours together. In October 2012 their first child was born. Later after many months of the birth of the child the child’s name was revealed to be Angelo James Konecki. The couple usually keep their relation at a low key.

In starting they never confirmed about their relationship at any event. On many occasions there were rumors of their secret wedding but this was denied completely by the singer until the album of the year acceptance speech during the Grammy awards. In 2017 Grammy awards she confirmed her marriage with Simon in the awards ceremony.

Who is Simon Konecki? Feud with ex-wife Adele & $150m Divorce

Reasons for the feud and divorce

In April 2019 Adele confirmed that both are about to end their relationship which was for nearly seven years. Initially Adele was not a big star and Simon was ok with Adele being a popstar but eventually Adele became a big star and her popularity grew multiple times, this is believed to be the cause of their separation.

Adele’s rep told that the two has planned to co- parent their six-year-old son Angelo together. As the do always keep their relationship private so the rep said this time also they want keep this very private and they do not want to share this in media. They told that Adele and Simon love their child immensely and they will nurture the child with utmost care.

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Who is Simon Konecki? Feud with ex-wife Adele & $150m Divorce

The ex- couple reportedly  keep the details of their settlement for divorce very private, this was due to their son Angelo. It is reported a dollar 150 million battle. Basically this means that fans are not gonna find out what exactly happened to the  $150 million which is involved in the divorce in the financial, sales or other information.


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