Who is Rob Garrison in Cobra Kai & Karate Kid? Tribute & Cause of Death Explained

Late American Actor Rob Garrison had done many considerable movies in his career and even work till his death. Here is the cause of his death and details of his successful career.

His role  in Cobra Kai and Karate Kid

In Karate Kid II(1986) and as well as in the reprised version of Karate Kid , Cobra Kai that is a spinoff Netflix series, Rob garrison has played the role of Tommy , a one-time member. During his movie , he also said the line” get him a body bag” which became very famous.

 Who is Rob Garrison in Cobra Kai & Karate Kid? Tribute & Cause of Death Explained

He appeared in the second season of the Cobra Kai (2019)and died after almost 2 months of it . He became too famous after his role in the movie” The Karate Kid”. Some more famous movies and shows of his career are Starships Invasions, Iron Eagle, Karate Kid, Best Revenge , Kung Fu , Cobra Kai , Macgyver, St. Elsewhere, Columbo and many more .

Cause of the death explained

He died at the age of 59  on 27 September 2019 after some days of release of her spin off series “Cobra Kai”. In 2004 , he has retired himself from full time acting but doesn’t quit acting.

He had been admitted to hospital in West Virginia before about a month of his death and passed due to kidney and liver failure issues . His last work is in the series ” Cobra Kai” but this is so true that he worked till end and also done acting in local theatre productions .

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Tribute to Rob Garrison

Cobra Kai had paid great tribute to Rob Garrison . In the episode 1 ” Aftermath” of season 3 , the image of the actor was there with written that ” Rob Garrison 1960-2019 Cobra Kai  never died”.

Macchio also paid tribute to the great actor said that “Rob Garrison was a kind gentleman from the 1st day I met him to the last day we spoke”. and he was so glad that Rob appeared in the season 2 of Cobra Kai. He also said the “Rip my friend and you will be missed”. He was really such a great actor and will be in our heart evergreen.


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