Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Not Coming This Week, Here’s Why

Attack On Titan has been a rollercoaster ride for many. If you are a loyal manga reader, you know that things are about to go down! So season 4 of the anime has come out with 4 episodes leaving us with all the build-up. When will the 5th one be out? Why has it been postponed? We’ll discuss everything in this article!

Release Date of Episode 5

Episode 5 was supposed to release on January 3th of 2021. A recent post on Twitter confirms that we can see the next episode only by January 10th. The reason for the delay is because of new year’s programming. This is indeed a disappointment for many fans who are eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes.

Though this may come off as a piece of awful news, we have time for the other fans to catch up with the series! If you really can’t stand the wait, try reading the manga online to be fully updated!

We’re already 4 episodes in and so far, we’ve seen the Marley and the truth about the history of the Eldians and the war. Everything has been real hazy so far and most importantly, where are the survey corps? I bet everyone is waiting to see the survey corps who have been missing in action for a while.

And also (spoiler alert) the final scene of episode 4 with Eren meeting up with Reiner after 4 years was nerve-wracking. We sense the intense action coming our way.

Where to watch AOT?

Eren Jaeger in Episode 4

You can hop onto Crunchyroll, Funimation, or even Hulu to stream the latest episodes of Attack On Titan and other animes!

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