Dwyane Johnson: “Never had a chance to say Goodbye to my Father”

American and Canadian actor, businessman and producer, and former WWE wrestler Dwayne Douglas Johnson has recently shared a post on his Instagram. Here are all the details regarding the same.

Dwayne johnson’s Instagram post

Dwayne Johnson posted a picture of a memorable and beautiful gift which is a childhood picture on paperweight of him with his late father David Johnson. He also wrote on the same post that ” My old man( that means his father)  died suddenly, earlier this year and I never had a chance to say goodbye. F***ing 2020 huh?

He got the gift from his family friend. His father suddenly passed in January 2020. He also said once in January that he wanted to say thank you, I love you and I respect you but didn’t get the chance to say and so is life.

Dwyane Johnson "Never had a chance to say goodbye to my father"

What happened to Dwayne johnson’s father

Dwayne johnson’s father ” David Johnson” was a professional wrestler. He died on 15 January 2020 because of a pulmonary embolism that has been caused by a  blood clot from a vein from his leg due to which he suffered a heart attack and died. He died at the age of 75 years.

Some more info and facts about his father

Rocky johnson won the title for the first black  Georgia heavyweight champion. He also won the title of World Tag team championship along with Tony Atlas. He took retirement in 1991. After that, he trained his own song Dwayne johnson for wrestling .and in 2003 he was chosen as a trainer for WWE development territory. He was a great man and lived a great life .

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