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Who is Desi Arnaz? Cause of Death Explained, Career, Films & Children


Desi Arnaz’s cause of death, career, children, and films explained.

Desi Arnaz was a Hollywood actor. He was Cuban born and being remembered for his contribution to the Hollywood, music, and US Television industry. The legendary actor died in 1986. He married actress Lucille Ball from his hit TV show I Love Lucy.

Desi Arnaz was multi-talented. He was a musician, bandleader, comedian, actor, TV producer and revolutionaries altogether. His hit show I Love Lucy pioneered one of the modern TV techniques- Syndicated Rerun.

Cause of Death

Though Arnaz has garnered his career beautifully but his few habits caused his early death. Arnaz was allegedly a regular smoker. He was fond of Cuban cigars till his 60’s. He often smoked in his workplaces. After years of continuous smoking, Arnaz developed lung cancer in 1986. Few months later during December in the same year he passed away. Arnaz was 69 years old.

A career in Films & Television

Arnaz, born in 1917, started his career as a musician. His Latin music band Desi Arnaz Orchestra got famous among the listeners. After spending some time in music, Arnaz joined Hollywood with the movie version of his hit Broadway- Too Many Girls(1940). It was produced by RKO Pictures.


Arnaz’s filmography has movies like: Bataan(1943), Cuban Pete(1946), The Long, Long Trailer(1953), I Love Lucy: The Movie(1953), The Escape Artist(1982) etc. Desi Arnaz was a war veteran. He served for 2 years in WWII. There he did a great job by entertaining the soldiers’ troops through showing movies.

In 1949, Arnaz entered the Television world. There he made his famous series I Love Lucy. This show ran for 6 seasons, and became the most successful TV program in history. The story of I Loves Lucy showed some realistic issues of the common man, such as marriage, pregnancy, and daily life problems.

I Love Lucy was quite realistic for Arnaz too, as his on-screen and off-screen wife was the same- Lucille Ball. And in the childbirth episode, the character and Lucille actually gave birth to the couple’s son in real life. The hit show ended in 1960.

Lucille and Arnaz formed their own production house Desilu Production. After getting divorced from Lucille in 1960, Arnaz held 50% shares of the production house. In 1963, he married actress Edith Mack Hirsch.


Desi Arnaz is succeeded by his son Desi Arnaz Jr. and daughter Lucie Arnaz. Both of them are quite active in the Hollywood industry. Though Desi Arnaz Jr. has worked for a small-time. Lucie Arnaz is still continuing her father’s legacy on Broadway and acting.



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