Supergirl Season 6 Final Episode: Will Maybe kill the Hero

Let alone ‘waking up’, the September didn’t even end when fans of CW series Supergirl got devastated when it was officially announced that the sixth season would be the final season. Now recently, there are speculations that the final season would also mark the final fate of the superhero.

CW renewed the series for the sixth season in January this year, However, it was announced to be the final season on September when CW officially said on Instagram and Twitter. The recent news of killing the lead is both shocking and heartbreaking for everyone who adored the series for one or many reasons.

Supergirl season 6 will maybe kill the hero

About Supergirl

Supergirl began with its first season in 2015, which featured Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El as the central character. By the time her space pod reached the Earth, Superman had already grown up and had become a superhero among the people. Kara, like Superman, begins to lead a regular human life until an accident forces her to use her powers to rescue people. She eventually accepts her calling and becomes a superhero herself.

The series then focuses on her adventures and encounter with a number of villains like Non, the Daxamites, Reign, Lex Luthor, Red Daughter, and Leviathan. Like her cousin, Kara also keeps a low profile wearing glasses and working in a media company CatCo. On the way, she meets and aids other superheroes of the Arrowverse series and together they take down the threats ‘too big for one superhero to handle’.

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Supergirl season 6 will maybe kill the hero

The show emerged to be a breath of fresh air with Melissa Benoist playing Kara and also taking on a number of social issues in later seasons. Kara and Supergirl became role models for girls all around the world, making them aspire to be more than what they are or what they are told to be. Benoist is also known for her work in Glee and the 2014 movie Whiplash.

Why Kill the Girl of Steel?

As per the reports by We Got This Covered, the news about killing Supergirl came from the exact sources who leaked that the sixth season would be the final. This information was out before the official declaration by CW. The same sources also said that Hayden Christensen would be returning in Obi Wan. 

The reason for killing the iconic character is probably that Benoist wants to move on and take on other roles. She took to Instagram, announcing the final season, saying she felt deeply honored and grateful playing the Girl of Steel. She added that she was humbled and out of words seeing the series touch the young girls and herself as well. In the end, she did say that they were going to make it one hell of a season.

Benoist also introduced her newly born first child Huxley Robert Wood in September. So there could be chances that the role she wants to move on is actually the role of a mother to her child.

Supergirl season 6 will maybe kill the hero

The Final Season

While there are no details of the plot, or who will be the villain, or even how Supergirl will die (In case she does), speculations are that she will die a hero/martyr like Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow did in Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, or Hugh Jackman in Logan.

Production of season 6 began in October and the early filming will resume in January 2021 when Benoist returns. It would conclude in August 2021. No official release date has been announced yet. Along with Benoist, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath, Nicole Maines, Staz Nair, and Jon Cryer reprise their respective roles in the final season.

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