Check Out Henry Cavill as Wolverine in This Awesome Fan Art

It is rumored that Superman actor Henry Cavill will become and chosen as  Wolverine in the Marvel cinematic universe. With this rumor, there are many fan arts that depict how Henry will look like a wolverine?

Bosslogic’s  fan art for Henry’s look as a wolverine

Though there are many fan arts that are drawn by fans that give us some glimpse of his predicted look. Fans have done amazing arts. Popular fan artist Bosslogic has also given us a glimpse and idea of his look by drawing amazing fan art in which we can see marks of claws, spikes, and also the side burn marks and dog tags hanging .

The art looks fantastic and very much interesting. We can say that it is an eye-catching art. Apart from that, there are some more awesome fan arts that will also blow your mind. Fans are also appreciated the decision for choosing Witcher star  Henry for the role of wolverine in Captain marvel 2 but some criticized as well.

 Check Out Henry Cavill as Wolverine in This Awesome Fan Art

What are fans saying on the same?

Some fans are appreciating the news of choosing henry as a wolverine due to his broad chest and dark hair which we say are somehow associated with the logan. However, the news is not confirmed till now and it is a rumor from a youtube channel as there is no official announcement from the MCU for the same.

some fans are not happy with Henry as a wolverine because of the need for a shorter wolverine as henry’s height is 6 ft 1inches which is somehow more according to the description of the role as the role depicts the short comic book character. Also, earlier this happened with Hugh jackman who became the wolverine for almost two decades.

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so some fans are disappointed with another tall height actor as a wolverine. But the decision will be confirmed after the official announcement only. Currently, Henry Cavill is doing another season of The Witcher, a Netflix series.

Some more fan arts

Here are some more amazing fan arts for henry’s look as a  wolverine.

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