When is Yellowstone Season 4 Returning? John Dutton’s Fate in the Final Season

U.S. drama series Yellowstone is a great success itself and season 3 for the same has been ended now. It stars Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly.

Season 4 release date

The release date for Yellowstone seasonĀ  4 is not confirmed yet as it is officially not announced but it will be released in June 2021 most probably according to the official Instagram page of Yellowstone.

the last three seasons have been premiered in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

John Dutton’s fate in season 4

 when is yellowstone season 4 returning? john dutton's fate in the final season

Kevin Costner is playing the role of John Dutton in the the end of season 3 we see that he was shooted while driving on road and it is not revealed that he is alive or dead so it leaves his fate in a question mark for the next season.

But according to sources he will be back in Yellowstone as a male lead itself against Kelly Reilly as he was also spotted at the shooting set of Yellowstone. so this is really a sign of hope for the fans as fans wanted to see him in the upcoming season.

Although Kevin himself doesn’t speak much on it . Does he only say that he don’t know whether he will be returning or not in the next season? also, he said that he will try to do a dramatic arc to the things and told the fans to enjoy the ending of season 3 . so from this it is not sure that he will be returning in season 4 or not .

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Audience reaction on the series and Kevin Costner returning fate

People are too amazed to see such a great and amazing series however the ending of season 3 has also left fans curious about Kevin’s return in season 4. Fans are willing to see him again and totally amazed by his acting. The paramount series has got most of the reviews positive and a great rating for the same.

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