Michael Alig Net worth 2020: Life and death

Michael Alig was an American Club Promoter and felon for the First-Degree manslaughter of Angel Melendez. He was born on 29th April 1966 in South Bend, Indiana in the United States. 

He did his schooling at Grissom Middle School and Penn High School- being an innocuous and top-ranked student. Later went to Fordham University in New York- pursuing Architecture and later transferred to Fashion Institution of Technology.

Michael Alig Net worth 2020: Life and death


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He dropped out after started to work at Danceteria, involving into night business and later becoming a party promoter. Alig’s parties later became famous for his bad behaviour where he throws lots of dollars towards the crowd and wanting people to scramble for it. He underwent treatment for personality disorder after creating nonsense activities in the club.

Michael Alig Net worth 2020: Life and death

On 17 March 1996, he became the main prisoner after killing Angel Melendez who is a regular member in the club. One day, there is an argument between Alig and Angel- stating Drug Debt involving Riggs.

While continuous contentious, Riggs beat Angel to death with a hammer, and Alig made his first degree of manslaughter in case of self-defense. To hide the body, Alig dismantled   Angel’s body in the garbage.

As people are oblivious about the disappearance of Angel, but later found his body parts in the river. Police arrested Alig on the account of the murder charge and sentenced to 10-20 years in prison. 

His Net Worth was estimated to be $30 Thousand

Michael Alig Net worth 2020: Life and death


After his release in 2014, he went to live in New York City, continuing his drug business. He even stars in some interviews to execute his artwork while wanting to become a magazine writer. He began a career which sounds worth- releasing his song, Youtube video and so on.

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On 25 December 2020, Alig found dead at his boyfriend’s house in Manhattan after being high on drugs. Later proclaimed Michael Alig is dead at the age of 54 years- consuming Heroin.

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