Escape from Torkov 12.9 Update Confirmed: Wipe Time and More

Escape from Tarkov 12.9 update confirmed on December 24, 2020. The wipe time and more information are  being provided.

New Update

Good news for the gamers, Battlestate Games have stated that the next Escape from Torkov wipe time will be released on 24th December 2020. The new Escape from Tarkov launch will be a part of the 0.12.9 patch that’s going to bring major changes to the game.

Escape from Torkov 12.9 Update Confirmed: Wipe Time and More

Wipe Time

The wipe time is said to begin at around 11 AM Moscow time. Battlestate also warned about how much time will be taken for the update- i.e. 4 hours and possibly there will be extension if required. Battlestate stated on 23rd December: “Tomorrow at 11.00 Moscow time, we plan to start installing update 0.12.9.

It’ll take about 4 hours, but can be extended if necessary.”

Changes and More

The major wipe changes considerably the removal of character progression from the Torkov servers. Also the wipe will result in losing levels, trader rep and the stash progress.

Escape from Torkov 12.9 Update Confirmed: Wipe Time and More

The good part is new customization options will be available for the gamers. That will lead them to customize their character’s head and voice through the creation process. Though gamers can’t change the customization later. The changes are possible only after a fresh profile or reset or wipe.

The game’s Wood map will get a new look with increased size and key locations. It is also confirmed that a good amount of new weapons with gear for easy use will be added. The weapons such as : KRISS vector SMG, SIG MCX Assault rifle, UMP SMG etc will become available for the gamers.

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Few other important changes are: availability of ‘Immunity’ skill, ‘Metabolism’ reworked, new face shields and glasses to reduce the time of blindness from explosions, players will get supply package receiving letters from the first 7 days of play.

Escape from Torkov 12.9 Update Confirmed: Wipe Time and More

Interface animations, RAM sounds, servers will get better optimization. Hanging bots behind stationary weapons will be fixed. Weapons like MK-18 mod 1 mjòlnir DMR, .339 Lapua Magnum etc will be added.

Also the character overweight is changed to 35 kg from 40 kg. Some fixation, deletion nicknames changes have also been made to the new versions.

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