Sweet Home Season 1 Ending Explained: Possible Season 2 & Story Update

A South Korean TV series SWEET HOME featuring Song Kang, Lee Si-young, and Lee Jin-Wook. This story is based on the webtoon by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan. It has been already released and streaming on Netflix on Dec 18, 2020. For an overall view, let me tell you that this story is an absolute masterpiece thriller that is about a hunter world where humans start turning into savage zombies troubling the tenants of a particular apartment. A must-watch supper stunning bang on series with a total of 10 episodes. 


There is this young boy Cha Hyun-soo who stepped into a new apartment (green home) who wants to die by committing suicide as there was no one to live for. He was traumatized and was mentally disturbed due to some incidents that happened in his life like, he was bullied in his school days, and there was no one in his family to take care of him.


Sweet Home season 1

Then this young boy gets distracted by a ballet dancer who stopped him from doing suicide and influenced him by saying if he does that things will get worst for the tenants living there. But then he sets a time and fixed place and decides to do suicide again.


But suddenly his life took a surprise move when he saw the neighbors are changing into monsters and then he decides to step out of his comfort zone and saved the lives of people living in that apartment. He used a mop fixing a sharp knife to one end as a weapon against the zombies.

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Sweet Home season 1 

The Ending Scene

He was successful at doing so but later ends up being infected. He holds out himself from not becoming a monster and served as a safeguard for his neighbors’. When he realized he can’t control this shit anymore, he decided to die and tried to surrender himself to the military. Meanwhile, in that terrific situation, the military’s started open firing without caring for anyone.

Events showing the possibility of Sweet Home: Season 2

Sang-Wook has been seen kidnapping Hyun-Soo in a military car, so here comes the thriller as we have witnessed Sang Hook died while saving others. Secondly, it was seen that the military takes away everyone with them probably to a safe camp, but we never know what awaits them there. So stay tuned for the next bang and revealing of suspense with Sweet Home Season 2.

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