Mexican Kim Kardashian Dead After Botched ‘Butt Surgery’ at 29. Scroll Down To Know More !

Joselyn Cano was a popular model on Onlyfans, also known as Mexican Kim Kardashian. You can also find her on other platforms such as Instagram where she was a popular user and model. She passed away on December 7th, 2020 after allegedly undergoing a botched butt lift.

She went to Columbia to get her surgery done and the procedure is supposed to give her butt a fuller appearance. Unfortunately, the procedure didn’t go as planned and it caused her to lose her life.


Apparently, Brazilian butt lifts are getting very popular lately but it is also causing many deaths. In recent years, many aspiring women have travelled the world to get cheaper butt surgeries. As you’d expect, they often don’t go well. The increase in its popularity has led to a number of deaths. The estimated death rate to get a Brazilian butt lift is as high as 1:3,000.

Mexican Kim Kardashian Dead After Botched 'Butt Surgery' at 29. Scroll Down To Know More !

About Joselyn Cano

Popularly known to be the Mexican Kim Kardashian, Joselyn was a social media influencer. She is famous on social media platforms like Onlyfans and Instagram. Before her fame as an internet personality, her LinkedIn profile says she pursued Microbiology at San Diego State University.

Joselyn is popular for all the surgeries she has undergone and her body appears similar to Kim Kardashian’s, hence the name. She looks voluptuous and curvaceous and therefore classifies as an Instagram model. She has almost 12.8 million followers on Instagram!

However, her plans to further get a butt-lift did not go well. For those of you that are unaware, a Brazilian butt lift entails removing fat from one area of the body to the butt.

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Influencers are paying homage to the heart-breaking news on social media. One influencer, Daniella Chevez says, “Rest in peace beautiful! A queen of social media.” Her funeral was also streamed online. One message says, “She entered into Eternal Life on Monday, December 7 2020.”



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