Apple Self Driving Car Launch Date confirmed: All Latest Update

Apple Car is researching and developing by Apple inc. Apple Car is an electric car. This project is named “Titan“.

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Self-Driving Car

There is a rumor that Apple car is Self-Driving but there is no official announcement. There is a letter to California State Administration that says Apple wishes for Self-driving car testing policies on public roads. And Apple Car wants to race with Google, Tesla, and also with other leading cars. Apple has a permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test self-driving cars.

The BBC reported that Apple had 66 road registered driverless cars, with 111 drivers registered to operate those cars. Tesla CEO was the one who says that Apple company is developing an Electric car. Since this is the first car for Apple company, they are trying their best to develop a self-driving car.

'Apple Car' Launch Date confirmed: All Latest Update

Before the testing, Drivers have to pass the basic levels i.e low-speed and high-speed driving, sudden steering inputs, acceleration, braking, U-turn, and handbraking. Development Platform Specific Training revealed about this basic test.

When the vehicle, is not being controlled by the Software, Drivers are able to electronically take the wheel via drive-by-wire technology, using a Logitech steering wheel and pedal system fitted in front of the Lexus RX450h’s drive controls. In 2019, DMV revealed that Apple’s self-driving testbed was the worst-performing system on roads.

What is the release date of the Apple Car?

The team of Apple inc. working for the past four to five years. This news may not happy for the Apple followers. Because the excepting release date for Apple car is on 2023 or 2025. We hope that we will hear some good news from the developing team.

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Maybe, Due to this Covid-19, the developing process may on break. After the Pandemic, we will wait for the official announcement. Apple company usually takes more time but the finished product was really mindblowing. So we hope for our best.

'Apple Car' Launch Date confirmed: All Latest Update

There is always an up and downs in our life. But at the end of the life, we will achieve something likewise Apple Inc. developing company may fail in the past, let’s wait and watch for their final result.


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