From Will Smith to Jai Courtney: Star Expected to Return in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad 2 is the most awaiting movie of Will Smith which is set to release on 4 August 2021. Suicide Squad is an upcoming American superhero film that is drawn from DC Comics ‘Suicide Squad’ by John Ostrander. 

Is Suicide Squad started their film?

Primarily, David Ayer is in charge to take over the project but after one year he left over creative contrast conflicts. In October 2018, Gunn appointed by Warner Bros to address the film Squad Squad 2. In January 2019, Gunn signed up the contract of making Suicide Squad 2 and set to start the filming by September. 

But the cast seems to be a little busy in their schedules and dragging late production. As Smith couldn’t join the movie, Gunn thought of giving the role of Deadshot to Idris Elba and coordinating with Warner Bros. whereas Elba is appearing in an important role as Bloodsport- a heavily armed mercenary, also a member of the squad.

From Will Smith to Jai Courtney: Star Expected to Return in James Gunn's Suicide Squad

Will Smith is returning as Deadshot or not?

But later, Will setting free from his schedule and making plans with Gunn to return as Deadshot in the future. Jai Courtney is back as Captain Boomerang. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn- A crazy criminal and also a former Psychiatrist. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller- A government official heading the squad. John Cena will be playing Peacemaker in the film-Suicide squad.

The film may start by early 2021 as the director Gunn is busy in his work on Vol. 3. 

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In April 2020, Gunn started to work on his script at his home during this pandemic- making the pre-production and release date on time.

In December 2020, Gunn has almost done his part and just visual effects, sound, and score need to take care of.

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