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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Robert Pattinson’s Batman Are In The Same Universe, Here’s Why


It cannot be denied that a cross over of both the movies would enhance the plots in a magnificent manner. In fact, it would in many ways make more sense for the movies to be linked together. We have always noticed that wherever Batman goes, the Joker tends to follow. So it is only natural for us to come up with a theory and proofs that point in that same direction.

The movie ‘Batman’ by Matt Reeves and ‘Joker’ by Todd Philips might be set in the same universe due to certain instances that indicate in that direction. For starters, though both the directors indicate that the movies are different, they also say that there could be possibilities of such a theory.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Robert Pattinson’s Batman Are In The Same Universe, Here’s Why

Reasons why ‘Joker’ and ‘Batman’ might be set in the same Universe.

In the movie ‘Batman’, where he faces a gang of goons with white paint on their faces, it marked an indication of some sort of link with the movie ‘Joker’. The goons had the same kind of a wide smile with red marks and false stitches.

Moreover, he also introduced himself to the same goons as ‘Vengeance’. If we remember correctly, in the movie ‘Joker’, the parents of a child were killed in an alley during the end of the movie in the riots.

A man with a joker mask killed the parents and the child was left abandoned. It could be possible that the same child grew up to be Batman and is looking for revenge for the demise of his parents from clown-faced goons, or even worse, in search of the real Joker.

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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Robert Pattinson’s Batman Are In The Same Universe, Here’s Why

Another reason can be the main theme of the two movies. As we know that ‘Batman’ and ‘Joker’ both had a theme of a corrupt city owned by cold, calculative, and wealthy elites, they both make a common collective statement.

However, the time period of the two movies seems to be different. But we have always noticed that in the movies of Batman, they use a mixture of elements from different time periods. So it may be possible that these two movies are taking away from the actual timeline and creating their own reality.

So are the movies really set in the same Universe?

From the proof given above, there is a possibility that the two movies might be set in the same Universe. Both the directors do not seem to deny the possibility of the same. However, Pattinson, in an interview mentioned that the two movies are very different in their central ideas and timelines. But as fans, how can we deny the indications that we have found that point in a contrary direction? We would definitely love to see a cross over movies between these two!

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