Jaimie Alexander Returning as Lady Sif in Thor Love and Thunder. Read Below to Know More!

Jamie Alexander returning to the next upcoming Thor franchise- Love and Thunder as playing her extraordinary role-  Lady Sif. 

She’s has been casting for two instalments in the franchise as Thor’s childhood friend and also Asgardian Warrior. Marvel officially pronounced the cast of Jamie Alexander as a return in the Thor: Love and Thunder. Jamie making a comeback cameo appearance in the latest Disney+ series- Loki, so having a chance of getting back to Marvel. 

Rumors turning into Paradox:

As the filming for Thor: Love and Thunder have been beginning with its production in September 2020, Natalie spotted in Sydney. Marvel studio’s director Kevin Feign confirmed everyone’s character in the upcoming Thor fourth sequence. 

The film Thor: Love and Thunder is set to release on 6th May 2022. The crew resume their work on the project as the director Taika Waititi returns to the spot. 

Alexander Jamie becoming the most beloved character in the first sequel of Thor so people are excited about her return. 

Jaimie Alexander Returning as Lady Sif in Thor Love and Thunder. Read Below to Know More!

If she returns, what role is she playing?

Earlier in the movie, she has been the most antagonistic warrior of Asgard, so will expect the same role as before. After seven years, Jamie made her mind and signed the contract with Marvel to play the role of Lady Sif.

 As per the reports, The answer to the question about Jamie Alexander’s return in Thor 4 as Lady Sif is true. 

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When will we see Jamie in Thor: Love and Thunder?

In September 2020, the production moved to Australia where the Oscar-winning actor Natalie Portman spotted. She was coming out of Sydney’s Fox Studio for her film Thor: Love and Thunder Pre-production so maybe the movie resumes to work.

we expect Jamie Alexander will not disappoint us and will see her return in Thor: Love and Thunder soon.


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