The Rock aka Black Adam Confirms Shazam 2 Spring 2021 Production Date via Instagram.

Exciting news for the Rock aka Dwyane Johnson and DC has finally come for all the fans, as confirmed by The Rock on his Instagram page, that he will start shooting for the Black Adam movie in the spring of 2021.

Black Adam

Initially, there were talks of introducing the character of Black Adam in the Shazam! The movie, which never happened. The news came that the Rock is developing a storyline for a movie with only black Adam as the main character in it.

After almost two years of wait, it can be confirmed that Black Adam may come with his own movie instead of being launched in Shazam 2.

The Rock aka Black Adam Confirms Shazam 2 Spring 2021 Production Date via Instagram.

Black Adam is a fictional character of a supervillain in the DC comics world. The character is an archnemesis of the superhero Captain Marvel. The character had also featured in the Power of Shazam comic book. After which the character keeps appearing in a variety of stories of DC.

Movie to release in late 2021

As per the news, the Rock and the production team are aiming for a late 2021 release for the movie. There is yet no clarity whether this will continuation of Shazam part one or a new stand-alone movie for Black Adam. But more or less it feels like a new movie solely based on Adam Black.

For the Rock, this movie will be a first of the kind in the Superhero arena and therefore it had to be something big and bulky riding on his shoulders entirely. This news has got the fans of both the Rock and DC universe excited. this also proves that more superhero movies will be made and there is no stopping them.

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As the MCU starts its third phase, it will be exciting to see what the DC Universe comes up with.

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