Apple Airpods 3 Release Date, Specs & Price: Android Connectivity Rumored

Apple Airpods 3 is one of the highest selling products in the wearable technology space and also in the Apple products space. The 1st generation Airpods was launched in 2016 alongside iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. The second generation came in 2019 along with the better ones named AirPods pro.

Apple Airpods 3: The product design

The rumor mills are excited about the AirPods 3 talks, which are to be launched in the first half of 2021. If the tech specs are to be believed it should be an improvement on the AirPod pro with better connectivity to Android and IoS. They are expected to have a shorter stem and replaceable ear tips like the Pro which came in three sizes.

The Airpods 3 will be affordable and have high-end features like Active Noise Cancellation, a charging case with wireless charging, IPX 4 water resistance, and many more features similar to Pro. Also, the microphone could see some improvements from the Pro version

Apple Airpods 3 Release Date, Specs & Price: Android Connectivity Rumored

There is the possibility that the new iPhone 12 being charged wirelessly. The new Airpod case will also be wireless charging enabled only. Also, some people are suggesting a new design altogether where the stem could be missing, which were the identifying feature of the Airpods so far.

It sounds like a good advancement to feature and design mix of the Airpod 2nd generation and Pro.

The connectivity

The connectivity of apple Airpods 3 with Android and IoS should also see a marked improvement, as Apple has seen the high sales of the product and its easy connectivity with both systems. We may also see Airpod 3rd and generation and Airpod Pro 2.

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‘’The Pods’’ have become a symbol of status and also a sign when kept in the ears for so long as ‘’do not disturb’’. As always Apple has figured out to make its product a cultural phenomenon.

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