No Time To Die: Is the Studio planning on bring Ana De Armas in Future James Bond Movies?

While the much-awaited Bond movie, No Time To Die has been pushed back yet again, there have been some questions that fans are curious to know about the Bond franchise that is looking into some new developments.

Ana de Armas Is All Excited About Her Role As Agent Paloma In No Time To Die!

While No Time To Die, is going to be Daniel Craig’s final stint as James Bond, fans are wondering whether actress Ana de Armas is going to be continuing her role as CIA agent Paloma for the rest of Bond movies or not.

Is Ana de Armas Going To Continue As Agent Paloma After No Time To Die?

Ana De Armas is making her debut as CIA agent Paloma in the upcoming movie, No Time To Die. While the makers have not yet revealed any plans regarding any of the future Bond films and what the future holds for these characters, we wonder whether agent Paloma is going to be a part of the Bond universe.

No Time To Die: Is the Studio planning on bring Ana De Armas in Future James Bond Movies?

While agent Paloma’s future is not yet divided in the Bond franchise, Ana de Armas has recently expressed her excitement and said how she feels like she is talking about No Time To Die forever. She assures fans that while the film is having some back to delays they will soon get a chance to celebrate all the hard work.

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What Is Going To Be Agent Paloma’s Fate In The Bond Franchise?

The movie has been pushed back for the third time and is now slated to release in April 2021. With Daniel Craig bidding farewell to the role of Bond after this movie, fans are eagerly waiting to see the newest Bond in town! The movie is a highly anticipated one with Rami Malek’s debut in the Bond franchise as the antagonist.

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