Riverdale Season 5: Plot Leaks Confirmed, Betty & Archie Marriage, Jason’s Resurrection & More

CW’s popular teen drama series Riverdale has been keeping fans hooked with all the back-to-back seasons and now viewers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming fifth season that is going to make some major revelations!

Teen Drama Series Riverdale Season 5 Is Coming Sooner Than Expected!

While the fifth season is expected to air in January 2021, fans are in for a big surprise ahead as the newest season is reportedly going to take a huge time leap ahead! The teen drama series is expectedly going to take a long seven-year time leap and the group will be all into adulthood. This time leap implies that the leading characters will undergo some major changes.

The Fifth Season Will Take A Major Time Leap Ahead!

While this time leap has been surprising enough, the series creators had earlier teased the idea of a time gap where the group will be in their 20s with a new set of challenges along the way. Series cast member Reinhart has expressed her excitement for this big change ahead. She is psyched about it and says it will be interesting to play with an adult.

One of the biggest plot twists in the long-running series is whether Archie and Betty get married after all! Fans are anticipating whether the two have tied the knot in the upcoming time leap. Moreover, Veronica is reputedly married to someone named Chad Gekko and he is described as controlling and neurotic.

Are Archie And Betty Going To Be A Married Couple In Season 5?

Moreover, all the character are going to go through some major changes while it is pretty evident that their childhood romance did not go as planned for some of them, some new faces are expected to make their debut in Riverdale. So, expect some intense drama and action on its way in season 5.

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