Black Mirror Showrunner, Charlie Brooker & Hugh Grant working on Netflix Mockumentary on ‘2020’

“Black Mirror” maker Charlie Brooker sets Netflix mockumentary around 2020 with Hugh Grant

The year from heck, for example 2020, is going to get the mockumentary treatment civility of in all honesty Charlie Brooker, the maker of “Dark Mirror.” Leave it to the producer of a portion of TV’s haziest oppressed worlds to summon another one, and indeed at Netflix, presently the home to continuous periods of “Dark Mirror.”

While insights concerning the mockumentary remain secretive, Hugh Grant let it slip recently during a meeting about “The Undoing” with New York Magazine that he’ll be included in the task.

“Charlie Brooker has composed a mockumentary around 2020. It’s for Netflix,” Grant stated, adding that he will be “an antiquarian who’s being met about the year. I’m pretty anti-agents, really! Also, you’ll like my hairpiece.” Anyone who saw “The Undoing,” the HBO miniseries co-featuring Nicole Kidman that wrapped on Sunday, acknowledges Grant knows some things about being repellent.

Netflix authoritatively got on Charlie Brooker’s “Dark Mirror” sci-fi arrangement, which began at the UK’s Channel 4, in 2015. The fifth period of the show dropped on Netflix with three scenes in June 2019. That season, another hopeless and at times seriocomic spearing of contemporary society and innovation, included Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace, Andrew Scott, and that’s just the beginning.

Brooker has for quite some time been a social comedian, including his BBC show “Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe” which ran from 2013 through 2016, with considerations more centered around “Dark Mirror.” He’s likewise recently filled in as a frank feature writer for The Guardian. Brooker has won five Primetime Emmy Awards for “Dark Mirror,” remembering Outstanding Television Movie for 2019 for the imaginative, intuitive exceptional “Bandersnatch,” three prizes in 2018, and two out of 2017.

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Then, IndieWire as of late talked with Hugh Grant about the very much watched finale of “The Undoing,” a show whose online prevalence the entertainer said he’s been following. “It’s been a serious depleting a month and a half, either opposing seeing Twitter to perceive how individuals are responding, or giving in after a couple of beverages and going through four hours of the night either being satisfied or shocked at how individuals are responding to specific things — or discouraged, when they state, ‘Christ, he looks old.’ ‘He looks 150.’ ‘How about we give him a facial.'”

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