Nokia Laptop Series Sighted in BIS Listings, May Debut in India Shortly

The Nokia laptop series works. While there are no official details to confirm the development, some certificates have appeared on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website indicating the arrival of Nokia laptops. The new proposals could make their way to the country as the certificates belong to the Indian Standards Body.

However, Nokia laptops appear to have been manufactured in a Chinese facility located in China’s east-central coastal province – Jiangsu. Nokia tried its luck in the laptop market globally with the launch of the Nokia Booklet 3G in August 2009. The latest move, though coming from the licensee of the Nokia brand and not the Finnish company.

Nokia Laptop Series Sighted in BIS Listings, May Debut in India Shortly

Tipster Mukul Sharma has seen the listing of Nokia laptops on the BIS site. According to the details shared by Sharma, at least nine different model numbers have been received from the body, which has attained certification. These are NKi510UL82S, NKi510UL85S, NKi510UL165S, NKi510UL810S, NKi510UL1610S, NKi310UL4241S, NKi310UL42S, NKi310UL42S, NKi310UL82S, and NKi310UL82S.

As predicted by, the first two letters in the “NK” surfed model number may only suggest Nokia branding, while the following characters may describe the processor description. Model numbers may also have suggested the presence of Windows 10.

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