Millie Bobby Brown Forced to DELETE Her TikTok Account by Online Trolls, She Burst into TEARS

Every day many celebrities become the target of online trolls, and recently Millie Bobby Brown made to this horrible list. After the incident, the Stranger Things actress deleted her TikTok account. Brown has garnered around 6.2 million followers across all social media platforms and she is regularly active on them. She uses them a medium to share her thoughts and opinions with her fans.

The 16-year-old actress deleted her whole TikTok account and she hasn’t explained the reason behind that move. However, some fans believe that it may be due to the recent online trolls and hate she has been receiving. The comment section of her social media accounts, especially TikTok, flooded with trolls that referenced offensive and homophobic memes.

Elona Holmes actress previously deleted her Twitter account in 2018, after receiving homophobic trolls that falsely accused her of being homophobic. Apart from the homophobic memes, she also received online trolls for simply using an android phone. Brown recently signed a deal with Samsung Galaxy and reportedly uses the phone, which is an android.

Millie Bobby Brown Expects Fans to be Little More Respectful

After deleting her TikTok account, Brown took Instagram and made a text post where she asked to be kind. She also shared a horrible fan encounter during her recent Christmas shopping with her mom. A fangirl asked her to take a photo with her, but she refused. However, the fangirl clung and pushed her boundary, which made Brown upset. She mentioned that she wishes people to be more respectful. The young actress further mentioned that she wanted her personal space to be respected well.

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Millie later opened about the situation in her Instagram story and clarified that she was feeling better. Following her decision to delete TikTok, Twitter extended support and defended her from wicked online trolls. Brown’s past few years were troublesome and hadn’t been easy since she was a constant victim of sexualization and insults. On a positive note, she has always raised her confidence high and said that she will never be defeated.



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