From ‘How Long’ to ‘See You Again’, we check down the Charlie Puth tunes that merit your ‘Consideration

The 10 best Charlie Puth melodies

In spite of the fact that he’s been producing hits since 2015, at times you actually need to clarify who Charlie Puth is by murmuring one of his tunes – or by portraying him as ‘no doubt, the hot person with the eyebrow’.

In any case, the floppy-haired craftsman is something beyond a pretty face. He’s important for age YouTube, where his covers picked up the consideration of Ellen DeGeneres (who later marked him to her name). He’s likewise a self-admitted music geek with amazing pitch, and a self-delivering vocalist musician. In addition, he’s worked with probably the greatest names in the music business, including Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell and Selena Gomez.

In spite of some pretty messy beginnings, Puth’s material has certainly started to develop. So on the off chance that you didn’t know who Puth is, you’re excused: however now it’s an ideal opportunity to get to know his falsetto-loaded discography. Here are his 10 best melodies to enjoy all your pop dreams.

The best Charlie Puth tunes

1. ‘The Way I Am’

Listen near this current tune’s punchy introduction and you’ll hear the impact of System of a Down’s ‘Slash Suey’ – yet that is the place where the similitudes end. As ‘Voicenotes” opener, ‘The Way I Am’ establishes the pace for the remainder of the collection: it’s electro-spotted lively fly with verses that focus on trustworthiness.

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2. ‘Marvin Gaye’

Initially wrote for Cee Lo Green, ‘Marvin Gaye’ is a sweet pop tribute to carrying out the thing. Enveloped by references to the smooth-talking Motown legend, this not exactly unpretentious wink is important for Puth’s less strong 2015 collection – and however he’s commented various occasions that he’d transform it on the off chance that he could, the joint effort with Meghan Trainor arrived at number 1 in numerous nations – including the UK.

3. ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’

Co-composed with his incessant songwriting accomplice, Jacob Kasher, the third single from ‘Nine Track Mind’ was Puth’s endeavor at a tropical separation single. Delivered in 2016, in addition to the fact that it utilizes crazy guitar lines and the vocals of Selena Gomez, however like all great, miserable summer hits, it’s best portrayed by the vibe it makes.

4. ‘How Long’

Managing the garbage of cheating, the second single from ‘Voicenotes’ is a disco-impacted jam. Exchanging between thinking about his own conduct and taking the POV of his disdained sweetheart, Puth waves the verses through a smooth wavy beat, adding a kick-drum on every syllable of the primary verse (‘how long has this been continuing?’) for additional show.

5. ‘See You Again’

As a feature of the soundtrack to ‘Quick and Furious 7’, ‘See You Again’ was an accolade for both Paul Walker and one of Puth’s late companions. Number 1, as, wherever in 2015, this is the hit that truly push Puth into the spotlight.


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