Facebook announced It would prohibit holocaust deniers. Rather, its algorithm donated a network for them

Last month, Facebook made an announcement: The platform will no longer allow content that “rejects or distorts the Holocaust” as part of its larger policy prohibiting hate speech.

Noting that successful enforcement can take time, Monica Bickert, Facebook’s vice president of content policy, explained the ban in a blog post. “Our decision is supported by a well-documented increase in anti-Semitism globally and an alarming level of ignorance about the Holocaust, especially among young people,” she wrote.

But as of mid-November, The Markup has found, many Facebook pages remain active for well-known Holocaust denial groups – and for users who search the pages, Facebook’s algorithms continue to recommend related content, effectively Let’s create a network to push the opponent. material.

Facebook has long struggled to crack down on quick-travel misinformation and sizing-up conspiratorial groups, but many discriminatory pages were found by Markup to either be directly related to groups with a long history of prominence within the Holocaustial movement. Well-known anti-socialist or white nationalist meme, he seems like a clear target for Facebook’s crackdown.

It is unclear whether Facebook considers the posts and groups Markup found unacceptable. The company did not announce how it would define the Holocaust denial, and the company did not respond to multiple requests for comment; All the pages and posts referenced in this article were still active. 23 November at 5 pm. ET.

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