Lamborghini Partners With Master & Dynamic to launch MW65 Headphones, MW07 Plus TWS Earphones

Lamborghini has partnered with headphone brand Master & Dynamic to launch MW65 over-ear headphones and MW07 Plus True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones. The collection of “high-performance sound equipment” is inspired by the design and materials of iconic Lamborghini sports cars. The MW65 headphones and MW07 Plus earphones are designed using materials such as Alcantara, sapphire glass, Italian acetate, anodized aluminium and stainless steel.

MW65 Headphones, MW07 Plus TWS Price

The MW65 headphones are priced at EUR 499 (about Rs 44,100). They are offered in various colour combinations: gunmetal / black leather, black metal / black leather, silver metal / brown leather, silver metal / grey leather and silver metal/navy leather.

MW07 Plus earphones, on the other hand, are priced at EUR 349 ​​(about Rs 30,800). They are offered in Polished Black / Matte Black, Polished White / Matte Silver, and Matte Black / Matte Black earphone colours and case combinations.


The MW65 features custom 40mm beryllium drivers and has two modes of active noise-cancelling technology. The high-power mode is designed for city streets, aeroplanes, and noisy environments, while the low-power mode is suitable for low-noise or windy environments. If you turn off active noise-cancelling, passive noise isolation will be activated. The headphones also have a built-in Google Assistant.

The MW65 has dual microphones that filter out external noise for clear phone calls claimed by the company. The headphones have a battery life of up to 24 hours which can be extended using a 3.4 mm optional cable. They can charge up to 12 hours in 15 minutes. EEarpadsare made of lamb-wrapped memory foam. The MW65 also has Bluetooth v4.2. 

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