iPad Pro launch date and specs 2021: high-end model anticipated to appear with 5G mmWave support

The iPad Pro next-generation line-up will reportedly support the 5G mmWave technology seen on current-generation iPhone 12 models in the US. This technology is expected to offer faster speeds than the sub-6 GHz 5G over short distances. A new report states that Apple is actively developing its in-house mmWave AEP (Antenna in Package), to further integrate it into its portfolio in addition to the iPhone handset. While this technology with the iPhone 12 range was introduced only to US citizens this year, a wider rollout of the technology can be seen next year.

In its report, Digitimes cited sources who said that high-end iPad Pro models launching in 2021 should offer a 5G network with mmWave support. It cites its sources to claim that Apple has been successful in developing its own mmWave AEP module, and the feat is helping the Cupertino giant to advance new technology on other products such as next-generation iPad models Can. While the report does not explicitly state that the iPad Pro range will get 5G mmWave support, Apple traditionally offers the first high-end feature in the first Pro ‘range. Other iPad models in Apple’s portfolio should eventually be supported as well.

The report cited its sources as saying, “Self-reliance in the design and development of the AEP module also means that Apple’s next-generation high-end to iPad products released in 2021 may also come with mmWave technology. “


Previous reports claimed that Apple is moving its next-gen iPad Pro lineup to OLED displays. High-end iPad Pro models will likely include mini-LED display technology. Mini-LED displays use individual LEDs to create images in a similar way to OLED displays. It is said to be less expensive to manufacture and Apple is expected to first advance the new display technology on its iPad range. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the next-generation iPad Pro range may launch sometime in the first half of next year

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