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Alex Trebek Net Worth And Salary, Jeopardy Host Left ENORMOUS Fortune After His Death at 80

Alex Trebek has been amazing throughout the years in his field and has inspired a lot of people. But, the longtime Jeopardy! host left the earth on 8th November at the age of 80 after struggling with pancreatic cancer. The reports claim that he died peacefully at his house, not due to the complications of his health condition. His wife and family members were by his side when he took his last breath.

The Canadian-American personality was survived by his wife, Jean Currivan-Trebek, and three children. He worked as a television host in multiple shows and spend most of the career as a successful syndicated game show, Jeopardy! Trebek has certainly left an enormous amount of fortune for his family members. According to  Celebrity Net Worth, the website that shows the net worth of various celebrities, the TV personality had a net worth of $75 million (estimated) during the time of his death.

The report claims that he earns around $78,000 per episode and $391,000 per recording day.

Trebek worked for 36 years as the host of the popular syndicated game show, Jeopardy since 1984. He continued his role in the game show until his death in 2020 and earned  $10 million a year. Trebek also worked on various other television shows throughout his career. The notable shows, he has worked for include The Wizard of Odds, Highrollers, Classic Concentration, and Music Hop.

Jeopardy is easily his big break but he started his career as a sports announcer and also a journalist. Business Insider claimed that the soon-to-be popular TV host transitioned to hosting in live music show called Music Hop in 1963. He then hosted a game show, Strategy, and morning radio show I’m Here Til 9 on CBC Toronto in 1971. Two years later, he moved to the United States and began hosting a game show called The Wizards of Odds for NBC.

He had an amazing and topmost dedication to his work. Even after getting diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he continued hosting the game. Until his death in 2020, he had successfully hosted over 8000 episodes of the syndicated game show. He has received a total of 39 Daytime Emmy nominations, in which he has won seven of them. He also holds the record of hosting the most episodes of a single game show.




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