Red Dead Redemption 2 Weekly Update Adds Limited-Time Clothing, Rewards For Traders And Moonshiners

The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 weekly update allows players to get plenty of rewards without putting in a lot of work. The free update for Red Dead Online includes bonuses for traders and moonshiners, plenty of new clothes, and a free horse.

Simply logging into Pink Lifeless On-line previous to November 9 will get you a bonus in case you are a dealer or moonshiner. Merchants will obtain 25 free dealer items, whereas moonshiners will get a free mash refill. If both a dealer or moonshine sale is accomplished, gamers will obtain a treasure map that Rockstar Video games guarantees will cause them to “rarities and valuables of all types.”

Players in any role can receive a free horse if they reach rank five or above. There is also a 30% discount at all stables during this week, making it a great time to add some horses to your adventure.

Finally, a number of clothing options have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog including several hats, a hitched skirt, and boots. Rockstar notes that the Danube Outfit and limited-edition colors of the Patterned Bandana are also in stock.

Traders will get 25 free trader goods and moonshiners will get a free mash refill. After completing a trader or moonshine sale, players will receive a treasure map that will help them find valuable items. Along with these, players will get a free horse after reaching rank 5. The game is offering a 30% discount at all stables this week.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog has added new limited-time items including Manteca hat, Gardenia hat, Hitched skirt, Tied pants, Carver pants, Woodland gloves, Ortega vest, Strickland boots, and Calhoun boots. The Danube outfit and limited-edition colors of Patterned bandana are also available.

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Options Available:

There’s also a handful of limited-time clothing added to the catalog, so if you’re in the mood to change up your look, get on these items quick:

Tasman outfit
Danube outfit
Morning tailcoat
Benbow jacket
Squat stovepipe hat
Gator hat
Gardenia hat
Plaid cap
Hitched skirt
Tied pants
Carver pants
Woodland gloves
Ortega vest
Strickland boots
Calhoun boots
Limited-edition colorways of the patterned bandana

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