Travis Scott Deleted his Instagram, Over Getting Trolled

Travis Scott has deleted his Instagram account after posting a picture of himself dressed as Batman for Halloween. Wiping all his pictures from his social media. Fans’ reaction to the costume was not good. With many trolling him for looking like a bug instead of the superhero. Travis Scott’s Instagram account disappeared suddenly over the weekend. Taking with it more than 3,000 pictures and many are-they-or-aren’t-they Kylie and Travis pictures. Because the account disappeared so suddenly many fans were quick to assume he deleted the account as a result of being mocked for his Halloween costume.
Scott had posed in a chocolate-brown Batman suit, next to matching cars and luggage.

About the incident:

Quickly, fans took to the comment section of the post to let Travis know that while the costume itself looked pretty elaborate and accurate. They were mystified by the color change, with some fans even suggesting the color of the cape was a bit cockroach-esque. On Twitter, many users poked fun at Scott’s take on the superhero. Saying he resembled more of an insect-like a “cockroach” or “flea.”
This has caused fans to come out in support of Travis Scott, as multiple fans tweeted in support of the rapper against the bullies.

Other fans speculated that Scott may have taken down his account because he’s about to release new music. He last released “Franchise (Remix)” featuring Young Thug and MIA, in late September.
Travis Scott also recently shared a new single ‘The Plan’. Which appears on the soundtrack to the new Christopher Nolan film Tenet.

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Prior to deleting his account, Scott, 29, shared a short video of himself as Bruce Wayne walking up to his Batman costume and matching Louis Vuitton luggage. The clip was reposted by Worldstar.

However, social media trolls did not stop Scott from celebrating Halloween. He was spotted attending Kendall Jenner’s 25th birthday party. Where she was slammed for inviting 100 people to the bash amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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