Reasons why slim phones are difficult for usage in today’s technological world

About Slim phones

Slim phone look smart, head turning smart. Chinese makers area unit fixing their best effort to shave off those additional millimeters or tenth of millimetre to win the slimmest crown, which has resulted in a very wave of extremist slim devices like Gionee Elife S5.5, Gionee Elife S5.1, OPPO R5 and Vivo X5 grievous bodily harm, in decreasing order of waist size. Before Gionee tries to woo North American country with another contestant at MWC, here area unit some potential reasons for why you wouldn’t need to shop for a slim phone.

Super AMOLED displays aren’t unhealthy, however they’re simply not for everybody. they’re characterised by marvelous blacks, nice distinction however poor whites. this implies you may observe a blue tint once viewing a white background or reading text, which might be annoying. AMOLED technology has been improved over the years and high finish AMOLED displays like in Samsung Galaxy Note four, have smart whites too, however still not IPS digital display smart.

Since Super AMOLED displays don’t need a back light-weight, they’re slimmer and consume less power as compared to IPS digital display panels. thanks to these 2 factors, Amoled displays have a seat reserved all told slim phones and therefore, check that it’s in line together with your style before you proceed.

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Uneasy Handling

Running for the slimmest title belt doesn’t enable manufacturer to feature snuggly back curves or associate degree engineering style to their smartphones. extremist slim phones will feel annoyingly weird in hands, particularly whereas writing in portrait mode. Over longer amount of usage, they conjointly begin to uncomfortably poke your hands

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Specs Compromise

Trying additional laborious to shave those millimeters leads to one compromise or the opposite. Gionee Elife S5.1 doesn’t supply MicroSD card slot. Oppo R5 eliminates three.5 millimetre audio jack too. whereas Vivo X5Max appears to possess each these factors lined, a mere 2000 mAh battery sounds unacceptable for a 30K+ device.

Even with Oppo’s admirable VOOC speedy charging, we might appreciate hugeger|a much bigger|an even bigger} battery – as big as doable, while not creating it unco serious – even though meaning one or two of additional millimeters.

Camera Bump

Large man size is probably the foremost vital parameter for excellent quality pictures, and therefore with Slim phones we frequently see a camera bump, or reduced device size, each of that look and feel weird.

Even iPhone vi was wide criticized for rear camera bump, which conjointly prevents it from well resting on its back. This conjointly will increase the likelihood of scratches on the rear lens system, which might successively deteriorate image quality. However, this won’t matter a lot of after you placed on a case.


To achieve that slim type issue, makers area unit a lot of tempted to fuse front panel and show assembly, use loads a lot of glue within rather than screws and solder battery and different part on the motherboard. All of this adds up to big-ticket repair, particularly at an area repair store close to your home.

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