Twitter includes emojis, hashtags, and prompts to encourage early voting in the US

Starting from last Thursday, Twitter has added emojis, hashtags, and prompts to promote early voting in the USA. The twitter users shall get prompts in their home timelines, to cast their votes early. Since the doom’s day November 3rd is approaching, it is important that each and every citizen of the US cast their vote.

Twitter included many interesting updates

You can avail updates ranging from push notifications to  on-Twitter public service announcements. Prompts to vote early and finding out early voting possibilities from nonpartisan voting advocacy group BallotReady are also a part of the update.

Also, many interactive features including the animated like button and emojis to support the hashtags #VoteEarly, #IVoted, #IVotedEarly, and #YoVoté can be used.

The company released a blog post written by Twitter public policy director Bridget Coyne along with senior product manager Sam Toizer.

It reads:

“As voters face unprecedented challenges when casting their ballot in the upcoming 2020 US elections, Twitter is doing what we can to ensure that people have access to the reliable information they need in order to exercise their right to vote.”

Initiatives to reduce the confusion about the elections

Nevertheless, Twitter has proven itself by taking many initiatives focused around minimizing the confusion centered around the presidential election.

Earlier in the previous week, to fight against spread of misinformation it momentarily transformed the way it handles retweets. This means, when you click on the retweet button, you are prompted to comment before sharing it. This makes it a quote tweet.

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Ahead of the US election, Twitter instilled a new set of rules in an attempt to rule out misinformation. This includes labelling or removing the tweets that promote and spread false information related to the elections. Plus, it put in an election hub with info in English and Spanish. The company also added that it would also label the posts where the candidates proclaim victory prematurely. Moreover, last year, Twitter actually put a ban on political advertising.

Additionally, Twitter also informed that it also increased the amount of staff. This is for the purpose of answering all the election related queries that might arise on the Election day.


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