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Tesla RECALLS 30,000 imported Model S and Model X in Because of this Problem

Tesla Recalls 30000 of its cars due to  suspension issues

As of until Friday, Tesla has been having a great year. The auto company is enjoying massive yet consistent profits. It is delivering its cars in big record numbers. However all of a sudden it has been hit by some bad news.

Tesla has to recall almost 30,000 cars. These include both the new Model S and X. This is due to a minor yet significant defect in the vehicles’ suspension system. The recall will affect nearly all of the imported vehicles which have been sold in China. Interestingly, it will not affect cars outside of that certain market.

Making matters a little more complicated is the fact that Tesla had only recently got rid of its PRelations department. As of now, the electric carmaker has been quiet about the issue. Despite that being said, Tesla claims that the suspension system on the cars isn’t actually defective. It believes that China is forcing it to recall the cars pointlessly.


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