OnePlus 9: Release Date, Price, and Leaks

OnePlus 9 will be the next top phone from OnePlus after the very successful OnePlus 8T. There isn’t any rumor or leaks available regarding the OnePlus 9 as of now. But that shouldn’t stop us from talking about it, should it?

Release Date and Price

All the past number series phone of OnePlus has launched around the March-April time. So, it would be fair to assume that the OnePlus 9 would release around that month. The promotions related to the mobile should start around 2-3 weeks prior to the release.

When it comes to price, things get a little tricky. Each year OnePlyus has been slowly increasing the price of its flagships. They might not be Samsung or Apple level expensive. But, nonetheless, they are still expensive. And now with OnePlus Nord catering to the budget segment, OnePlus doesn’t need to please that segment with OnePlus 9. So, my guess is that OnePlus 9 is going to be more costly than its predecessors.

Leaks and Rumors

As I mentioned earlier, there are literally no leaks and rumors available about this device currently. The only leak is that the device is codenamed, ‘Lemonade’.

What we want to see

There are a few things that we will like OnePlus to add to the OnePlus 9. And to start off the list, my first demand is wireless charging. OnePlus 8 Pro had wireless charging but Oneplus 8 didn’t. This year, if OnePlus brings wireless charging to both the devices, it would really be great.

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Another good addition to the device could be a large battery. OnePlus has stayed beneath the 4500mAh range in the battery department. This is quite less when compared to its competitors, who have been giving above 5,000mAh battery on their phones.

These two are the major improvements that I feel OnePus 9 should have in it. In addition to these, OnePlus could also make some oy=ther improvements. Like, provide two selfie cameras, a 4K screen, etc.

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