The Skull Squad Pack Arrives on Fortnite, Here’s How to Make the Purchase

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 is definitely one of the most successful seasons we have seen in the game. The developers have been surprising fans by constantly adding new skins and cosmetics to the Item Shop. It included a multitude of limited-time offerings for the Fortnite Halloween-themed event.

The Skull Squad Pack is one of the latest additions in the battle royale game. Further, it is now available for purchase through the Fortnite Item Shop. The new Skull Squad Pack has been introduced to celebrate the ongoing Fortnitemares event. It includes a number of Fortnite outfits.

How to get the Skull Squad Pack in Fortnite?

You can purchase the skull squad pack directly from the Fortnite Item Shop. But you should note that this item can’t be purchased using V-Bucks. You need to spend $19.99 to purchase the pack. Furthermore, The Skull Squad Pack has already arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop. However, you can also buy the package by heading over to the Microsoft Store or the Playstation Store at the same price.

What’s included in the Skull Squad Pack?

The Skull Squad Pack will feature the following cosmetics items if you make the purchase:

  • Fishskull Outfit
  • Bait Bones Pickaxe
  • Skull Squad Leader Outfit
  • Cuddly Bones Back Bling
  • Bone Boss Outfit
  • Creep Fried Back Bling
  • Beef Bone Pickaxe
  • Bone Ravage Outfit
  • Bone Wings Back Bling
  • Skelly Sailer Glider
  • Bony Wrap

The Skull Squad Pack has been recently added to the game and it will be available for purchase until the next two weeks only. This means that you have enough time to grab the bundle if you haven’t already.

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Epic Games has also added a slew of other items to the game for its Halloween event. It is set to run until November 3. Players can also get a bunch of special items including the Blinding Lights emotes The beloved Midas skin once it arrives in the Item Shop. Lastly, players can get the latest Fortnite Halloween-themed items and cosmetics across all major platforms.

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