Leaks and Recent Events Reveals This Major iPhone 13 Feature as Confirmed by Apple

With the release of Apple’s new iPhone 12 in an event recently. Apple now has high hopes for its next iPhone. The iPhone 12 was somewhat of a throwback aesthetic phone from Apple. iPhone 12 has a built that was seen in the previous versions of the iPhone. However, not a lot of things have changed since the iPhone 11 in terms of the software and features. Still, Apple is seen to have some pretty cool features in stock for its new phone which will be released in subsequent months.

About the iPhone 13 Leaks:

It was first seen on Twitter and confirmed by a page that Apple is filing a settlement with Qualcomm. It is easy to predict that the next iPhone will be pre-equipped with 5G Technology. Also, the deal between Apple and Qualcomm especially confirms that the new upgraded model of x60 5G modem. Apple will be using the new x60 5G modem in its 2021 mobile phone releases. And this is great news also for the iPhone 12 users because it fixes a big flaw in iPhone 12.

Apple has been using the Qualcomm x55 5G modem. And this modem not only carries a big price but also dreams of the power and it has Limited International support. This post-Apple to make many compromises in its devices.
But now it is confirmed in the iPhone 13 leaks that this device will be a major upgrade from the iPhone 12. In addition to all this iPhone 13 is said to have a smaller notch and in-display touch id. Along with the previous features of the iPhone like the face ID and all.

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