Who is the New Character Joining Stranger Things Season 4’s Cast

Finally after several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, the production for Stranger Things season 4 has resumed. And it is in full swing.

Till now, we do not know anything regarding the 4th season. However, the hints and  updates have been revealed about the upcoming season over these past months.

Let us dive into the leaked updates

Here are the leaked updates that we know about:

The first hint was revealed to the viewers back in February. After the exclusive teaser, it was revealed that Hopper is not dead. This is indeed a huge revelation since everyone thought he was dead in season 3. But he is surely not in Hawkins.

During an interview with David Harbour, who plays Hopper in the series, he said that the latest season will most likely be premiered in 2021. He also revealed that the fourth season will mainly focus on Hopper’s story. Still, there is a lot of hidden information in the previous seasons of the series that the viewers must have surely missed.

Harbour said:

“In season two, Eleven goes into the basement of the cabin and there’s five boxes, one of which has Brenner’s stuff from Hawkins Lab, one of which says ‘Dad,’ one of which says ‘Vietnam’. One says “New York.” So there are these three things that we’ve established in the season that if we don’t pay off, it means that they’re bad writers. And the Duffer Brothers are very good writers.”

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Then the cast of Stranger Things kept their silence for a few months. Nevertheless, in May the Duffer brothers revealed some interesting things.

A new horror is going to emerge 

They said that a new horror is going to resurface back in the states. Also, they further told that it is something long-buried which connects everything.

They added, “Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet. And we cannot wait for everyone to see more. In the meantime, pray for the American.”

At last, earlier this month, the production for the series resumed. And the shared a sneak peek that showcases all about the Upside Down and time.

Over 40 new photos from the set have been leaked and they have been circulating social media. And they seem to bring out some intriguing things about the new season.

A new character in the sets: Levon Thurman-Hawke

The hot news is that it looks like a new character is joining the cast of Stranger Things for the fourth season. The new addition to the cast is Levon Thurman-Hawke, Maya Hawke’s brother.

The 18 year old Levon Thurman-Hawke is the second eldest child of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman and the younger brother of Maya Hawke. Apparently, this role in the upcoming season of Stranger Things will be his first official acting performance.

Maya Hawke, Levon’s sister, debuted on Stranger Things 3 as Robin and was immediately loved by everyone.

What role will Maya’s little brother play?

Now, time for the big question. What role will Levon play in the new season?

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As of now, we know nothing about this and nothing has been confirmed. We do not even know if it will be a recurring appearance or simply a guest role.

In season 3, we did not see much of Robin’s family. As the real-life brother of Maya, it won’t be surprising if Levon ends up playing the little brother of Robin.

So stay tuned for the latest season of Stranger Things to arrive!!!

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