The Student Who Killed The Teacher Reportedly Had Contact With A Jihadist In Syria

The investigation regarding the murder of the French teacher continues. Just in case you’re not familiar with the story, here is a gist. The History teacher in France was murdered for showing cartoons related to Prophet Mohommed in class. Here, you can find the complete story of what had happened to the late history teacher. The police turned to Syria on Thursday. This is when it was revealed that the killer had a jihadist connection. This was revealed by an anonymous source close to the case.

So far, seven people have been charged with being complicit in a terrorist murder. After 18-year-old Chechen, whose name has now been revealed. The name of the Chechen teen was Abdullah Anzorov. He killed Samuel Paty, the history teacher. The complete story to that can be found here. The teacher was killed on the outskirts of Paris on Friday. The two teenagers who helped identify the teachers are also undercharged.

France has already paid homage to Paty is past Wednesday. President Emmanuel Macron was also present at the homage. He said that the history and geography teacher, Samuel Paty had been slain by cowards. This was for representing the secular, democratic values of the French republic.

“Islamists want to take out future,” said Macron “They Will never have it.”

Their Search Continues

They have not stopped their search for accomplices, anti-terror investigators have now established that Anzorov had connections. These connections were with a Russian speaking jihadist in Syria. This jihadist’s identity is so far unknown. This was too revealed by a source, told AFP.

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The newspaper Le Parisien reported a piece of news on Thursday. They reported that Anzarov’s suspected contact had been through a local IP address. The local IP address was traced back to Idlib. Idlib is a jihadist holdout in northwest Syria.

An audio message in the language Russian was also found. The audio, immediately translated after the killing was translated by AFP. Anzarov had said that he had “avenged the Prophet.” According to Anzaroc, the teacher had shown him (the prophet) “in an insulting way.”

The recording contained several references to the Quran as well as the Islamic State group. He also said that “Brothers, pray that Allah accepts me as a martyr.” This message was published in a social media video, which was accompanied by two tweets. One of which showed the victims severed head, whereas the other in which Anzarov confessed to the murder. Moments later, he was shot dead by the police. Many of Paty’s students saw the image before it was taken done by Twitter. The teenagers who were pointed out Paty to his killer in return are being charged. They are being charged 300-350 euros. They were charged late Wednesday.


One of the parents of Paty’s students started a social media campaign against the teacher. This was even though his daughter was not in the class when the cartoons were shown. He was charged as well. Another person who was charged was a known Islamist radical. He helped the father stir up the outrage against Paty. There are more people who are being charged, however, those have been kept under wraps.

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