Leonardo DiCaprio has been urging his fans on social media to vote for the upcoming US Presidential Elections. The actor has sent out several public service announcements. He’s been urging fans to vote early for the elections.

This time, DiCaprio has revealed a different route people can take in order to vote early for the US Elections. The actor revealed that one can now vote from their desired arena, thus making history.

Leonardo DiCaprio shared a video of various sporting events and the major historical highlights from them. The video featured different arenas where American sportsmen created history for their teams.

Thus, the PSA offered people a chance to make history just like them. The video revealed that people can now choose to vote from their desired stadiums to take part in early voting. They also mentioned that the quarters will be taken care of well in terms of safety and hygiene.

They also mentioned that the arenas will follow social distancing norms. Thus, fans will get to witness the stadiums and arenas firsthand when they go out to vote. This urged more people to vote further on by allowing them to choose where they want to go for early voting.

Leonardo shared this PSA on his timeline. He mentioned that one can easily find the arenas available for them at a website he provided in his caption. Further, he also mentioned that people can vote freely and safely in those arenas. Then, he closed the caption by using the hashtags ‘Make history here’, on which the PSA was based. He also used the hashtag ‘Venues for Voters.’ Hence highlighting that people can now vote early at the desired venue as they please for the US Presidential Elections.

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