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Jake Gyllenhaal, Denis Villeneuve reunite for HBO sequel ‘The Son’

The Southpaw entertainer Jake Gyllenhaal is presently reuniting with Dune director Denis Villeneuve for the third time after Prisoners and Enemy, this moment working on a restricted sequel drama founded on a Norwegian narrative for HBO.

Called The Son, the forthcoming show brings out from a novel of the similar word by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø, characterized as “a tale of vengeance establish amid Oslo’s brutal hierarchy of corruption.” The fiction pursues a “strangely charismatic and satisfied young man” named Sonny Lofthus, who by his late 20s has expended virtually half his life in penitentiary reimbursing for additional peoples’ crimes. As an outcome of his dad perpetrating suicide to prevent occurring outed as a violent policeman, Lofthus develops a heroin dependence early on, which comes to be a means Oslo’s corruption overland the twin organizes to maintain him detained without opposition. In a fling of circumstances, Lofthus finds a long-hidden unknown about his dad and agrees on to exit from prison, hunting down those who wronged him.

Joining Gyllenhaal and Villeneuve is going to be the actual book’s writer Nesbø himself as an administrative producer, alongside columnist Lenore Zion — whose preliminary endeavors incorporate Billions, Channel Zero.

There’s no discharge duration previously for The Son, so those enthusiastic should keep up matched for more updates to appear.  


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